Artist statement

The first four years of my life create the foundation for my artwork--my visual imprints from a time when I had not yet acquired a formal language. The people and land of the remote northern Wisconsin wilderness nourished my first internal language, which was both visual and emotional. My young eyes ceaselessly scoured my surroundings, while noctural dreams thrilled and haunted me. Colors, shapes, movements, symbols, and signs become my interpretation of life. Nature still plays a strong role in my artwork. Since those formative years I have had a personal and spiritual connection with the skies, flora and fauna, which speak to me each day and even through the night.

My art is a narrative interplay between the existence of nature and the dreams it evokes. My primal visual language has carried me into adulthood, where I continue to express it through my paintings, sculptures, and prints. My body of work reflects the intensity of my visual and enigmatic world.


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