Artist Statement for Together

At NTID, the people of our past have aspired to create a better future for us, we now take the time to look back and give appreciation and gratitude for their efforts.

In the triptych painting, Together, The Quad, a NTID courtyard between Dining Commons, Lyndon Baines Johnson Building and Tower A, is a busy and vibrant location and it is a visual interpretation of the flourishing life and history of NTID’s fifty years of its post-secondary program since 1968. It is a vitalized and complex place and this painting depicts fifty people gathered together at one place and one time, juxtaposed with figures from five different decades. Each decade is denoted by a color scheme and the fashion trend of that era. NTID is a palette of people from all walks of life and that is what makes it an extraordinary global community. Figures are conversing in sign language, each signed word has a special connection and meaning of what NTID is about. They symbolize everyday people who elicit long lost memories of people we have known in the past who have been buried in the deepest recesses of our minds. 

Susan Dupor May 2018